November 19, 2021
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November 19, 2021 brian




I  must admit the past few years have been frustrating to say the least. While the idea of “socially distancing” has proven to be yet another failure of the beloved bureaucrats in D.C., I have found it to be proof positive that I was leading the way.

I social distanced long before social distancing was cool.

As a naturally quiet and reserved person, I don’t much care to be in crowded situations. Maybe that’s why I go way out of my way to find places that most people won’t venture to. I’ve walked a mile down a crowded beach to surf fish away from swimmers. I’ve climbed up and down hills and through thickets to get to places where deer aren’t used to seeing bipedal predators. In public, I like to shop late at night at the local big box mart so there are less people for me to deal with. I know that during this so-called pandemic that people’s health, especially mental health, is stretched thin.

Most people need social interaction, but I’m afraid these past few years will hurt our younger members of society. For the ones that are allowed out of their homes, they will be way behind on their social skills. For many, fear will keep them in hiding. The number of future germophobes that has been created will be staggering. So, social distance if you must. Found out, I’ve been doing it for a long time. Usually 25ft up in a tree.

Persistence and patience pay off in 2021! Brian socially distanced himself 25 yards from this nice 8 point whitetail buck, harvested on public land somewhere in northern Michigan..