January 1, 2020
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January 1, 2020 brian


Yes I am weird. Weird is good. Normal is overrated.

The first officially sanctioned blog post of this web site. It may or may not be updated with any regularity. I hope so, but often times any free time I have is spent creating new art. I’ll probably add some fishing tales. Maybe a hunting story or two. I’d love to start including software tutorials or videos on how I create some of this stuff. Who knows.

I’m not anti-social, I’d just rather be fishing than talking to people.
– Brian Bentz

A couple of quick facts about my history:

Lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for almost five years. Also lived in Virginia Beach, VA for nearly 3 years. Caught the local accent of both places, and it sometimes comes out in normal conversations – like, holy wah y’all.

Grew up as a weekend farmer. My grandparents had a working farm 45min away. My father leased their field and grew green beans for Stokley’s canning operation, while my grandfather kept 10 acres of strawberries. Spent many years hauling 50lb bags of seed and fertilizer during planting time. Had many sunburns from long hours in the field picking strawberries.

Was a pretty o.k. athlete. Playing football was my younger self’s passion. Started 2 years at (what was at the time) the local powerhouse program of Reeths Puffer H.S. Made all-conference, all-area, and pulled in an athlete of the week award.

Me and Dad on senior night at Gale Bolthouse Stadium.
Looks like me and my cheesey little mustache are
trying to out-mean-mug my old man.

Looking for ethnic background? Didn’t think so, but I’ll put it down anyways. It’s been hard to trace all of it, but I do know I’m at the very least 50% Lithuanian. Could even speak some of it when I was younger. As far as my other ancestry, a little bit of German, a smidge of French, and to be honest, the rest I don’t want to know – because when I and my art become famous, some lowlife will scour all these digital footprints of mine looking for something to be offended about. To those people, screw off.

I like to write and/or rant. At one time, I actually considered writing as a profession. Had won a couple short story awards in high school and college. I really would like to add a couple of blog posts in the future with just some good ol’ fashioned rants. I have plenty of ’em.