About Brian

Artist | Illustrator | Designer | Fisherman | Hunter

Like a lot of everyday Americans, I live for the outdoors. From standing on a boat floating in the Florida sunshine as I cast to some rolling tarpon, to sitting 20 feet up a tree in a northern Michigan hardwood forest, patiently waiting to arrow a whitetail buck as snow drifts down from the eternal gray skies of late fall, I am acutely aware of the connection between me and my place in nature. When I’m not in the outdoors, I am more than likely mentally preparing my next adventure (AKA daydreaming). So naturally, as a young man who found that the visual arts and his drawing talents were very compatible, subject matter was never a struggle. Deer doodles. Fish drawings. Lure designs.

The majority of the work on this site is more example of what I am passionate about. I like to reminiscence about adventures past, or dream of trips to come. To memorialize fish I’ve caught and bucks I’ve harvested. To capture fish I dream of catching onto canvas, or bucks to be seen into print.

Like what you see? What to order a print? Commission a mural? Ask a question? Share fishing stories? Contact me.


VECTOR ILLUSTRATION. Suited more for illustrative logos and technical drawings, vector illustration is what Brian specializes in. Brian has created vectors for clients all across the United States, Canada and even Brazil.


MURALS. A mural can help tell your story. Brian begins every project by listening to the client’s ideas, evaluating their needs, and creating a unique design that fits their time frame and budget. As an experienced artist, Brian brings professionalism, dedication and boatloads of skill to every project.


PAINTINGS. Brian creates beautifully realistic paintings, primarily specializing in two painting disciplines. The first is the traditional, time honored way of using his hands, a variety of brushes, and acrylic or oil paints. The second, and much newer to him, is the digital way. Using Photoshop and a pressure tablet, digital “painting” is an updated and faster way to turn around illustrations that are 100% print ready.


FISH. Brian’s favorite subject to draw or paint, when he’s not actually out fishing.


MISC. Some things I do just don’t have an artistic category. These past projects fall in here.